That was me wearing Kent Lockhart’s 1981 Gunn basketball jersey on the treadmill at Palo Alto Y, in January, 2016, for about 15 minutes


Mark Weiss, Gunn 1982, #13, wearing #25 i.e. Kent Lockhart, Gunn 1981, Utep 1985 and first team All Australia 1990, in 2016, photo by Steve Staiger, PAHA

Hans Delannoy, approaching 500 career wins, coaching boys and girls in Palo Alto and San Ramon / Danville / Dublin, called and asked me to research the exact number of those came in 1973, at Cubberley. I went to Steve Staiger’s office the next day and consulted the Totem, the school yearbook, with limited success. For yucks, or hermetic reasons, or as a profound tribute, I squeezed into Kent’s game-worn jersey, #25, which he had sent me in 2007, when we were organizing a tribute to Danny McCallister.

I explained to Steve who Kent was, for the sake of history.

(I think I once argued, here there or in the aether, that 3137 Greer, with the rock garden built by Kent Lockhart and Marlinda Fitzgerald, should be an historic site).


On the way back from Cubberley / PAHA Guy Miller Archives, I popped in at the Ross Road Y, still wearing the Lockhart jersey, and climbed on the stair-master, elliptical trainer. I was wondering if anyone would notice the jersey, remember Kent, and ask me what was I doing. (Meanwhile, or previously, this blog, Plastic Alto, had become the best source of info on Kent’s amazing career in basketball and art). This was January. After a few minutes, yet before breaking a sweat, I felt silly and moved on.

Just yesterday, as in eight months later, I saw Katie Foy, of the famous Foy family, and she asked me if I was the guy in the Lockhart jersey she saw that day. Katie was a cheerleader at Gunn and Cubberley, while I was at the end of the bench for varsity in 25-3.

So thereby proving Chaos Theory. Not that nobody noticed but it’s hard to tell.


About markweiss86

Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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One Response to That was me wearing Kent Lockhart’s 1981 Gunn basketball jersey on the treadmill at Palo Alto Y, in January, 2016, for about 15 minutes

  1. Lee Schreiber says:

    I knew Kent La Machine Lockhart at UTEP. I used to work out with Kent, Dave Feitl, Fred Reynolds. Neville Shed was an assistant coach for Coach Haskins and I was to be a walk on my first year then scholarship. Do you know where Kent is living?

    Hi, Lee. That’s funny that you saw this post. Which is based on something weird I did to honor Kent six months ago. In 2006, around a 25-year reunion of our championship seasons, I reconnected by phone and mail with Kent, who is still based in Melbourne. I had lunch with our coach and Katie (a former cheerleader) said she saw me that day wearing the jersey, but I had slipped out before she could stop me. Kent had sent me four of his high school jersies which we were intending to try to raffle off to raise funds in honor of a then-recently deceased teammate.

    So Kent is considered legendary around El Paso, Palo Alto and Melbourne and sometimes here in cyberspace (although as of 2006 he was not using email but his girlfriend allegedly was).

    You can hit me at (650) xxxxx if I can be of additional information. -editor

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