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neurology, neoroscience, neuropathology and the link. Links to my friendships with staff at University of Southern Illinois in Springfield especially doctors Brian Moore and Doug “ScoutMD” Shevlin.

Plastic saxophone at Perry Lane

He had hi-fi speakers up on the roof of the house and suddenly out here in God’s great green mountain ozone erupts a manic spade blowing on a plastic saxophone, namely an Ornette Coleman record. It’s a slightly weird path … Continue reading

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Tom Zhang new Subway pitchman

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The prime tuples conjecture, sieve theory, and the work of Goldston-Pintz-Yildirim, Motohashi-Pintz, and Zhang

Originally posted on What's new:
Suppose one is given a -tuple of distinct integers for some , arranged in increasing order. When is it possible to find infinitely many translates of which consists entirely of primes? The case is…

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Congrats, Gunn, on a great season

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L E V A S (Palo Alto, Saturday, February 28, 2015

That’s weird that I posted five photos in a row of media and text and typography not subjects directly. In remedy:

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Bob Marley reggae consciousness in kids road show

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28 types of primes, or 2 times 2 times 7 rather

bounded primes? No, I mean, “bound gaps“. RTFA I sent the link to the article on Yitang Zhang to Steve and Eric Cohen; I also posted elsewhere: Steve and Eric Cohen, the twinned sons of Paul J. Cohen, are making … Continue reading

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