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‘Red Poet’ doc about SF’s Jack Hirschman, who briefly taught at Dartmouth in 1961-1962


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Some thoughts on the Paul J. Cohen film, eight years after his passing

I’m a family friend, of the sons, but I also knew Paul. They started filming, before Paul’s illness presented. They went with him to Austria for Godel@100, and filmed that lecture, which is searchable on Youtube. The boys, although Stanford … Continue reading

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Jerry Hannnan DaDAda

Jerry Hannan sent me this selfie yesterday to help bring the peeps but it took me 24 hours to figure how to move it to my Plastic Alto. I may or may not update this, with coverage of the event. … Continue reading

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Subdural pacino bleeding

PANIC GROWING OVER GOO LOS ANGELES — An Al Pacino movie broke out in the middle of a concert by the band Chicago, with thousands of fans serving as extras. Cameras were wheeled onstage during intermission of the group’s show … Continue reading

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John Ellis LA-story w. Don Ellis ‘Whiplash’

Go, John! I didn’t realize. Caveat: “hundreds” of recording credits is a big of a stretch: All Music Guide lists 138 credits which is closer to 42 sessions, still pretty busy dude, because that includes up to 5 each on … Continue reading

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Dancing about architecture Two hundred fifty patters by “Christ” to 618 shields of reality by “King” David. Ten titles, or volumes, pulled somewhat hastily from my shelves, and then stacked neatly on a table at Peet’s about three hours and two posts … Continue reading

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Of haps and hap tics

1. I ran into my Oak Creek neighbor Serkin at Farmer’s Market and gave him my only Weiss for Council pin, from 2012. New York Times article about robotics, Stanford byline, by John Markoff: “Brainy, Yes, But Far From Handy: … Continue reading

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