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From ‘My Vag’ to ‘Trump’s bathroom…’ in only six years

Terry, TMW, is home early from work and watching “Crazy Rich Asians”. She said she wanto so come along to my Michael Krasny literature omnibus at Stanford tonite, which is “A Streetcar Named Desire” and Faulkner “Barn Burning”. I had … Continue reading

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Laura Deming still has worms

Laura Deming is a young scientist and proxy for or protogee of the famous 2.0 investor Peter Thiel. I don’t know if “2.0” investor is the right term but Thiel to my mind is not a millenial but not Tim … Continue reading

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I Am Sitting at Lytton Plaza Reading George Packer in The Atlantic

[Photo by Matt and Justin –Matt who models at Palo Alto Art Center –Justin his wingman and also a model of sorts — Or we can rest assured he embodies a human form] And1: A couple hours later, I have … Continue reading

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Big little man (very big)

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FUCT is fucked in trademark hunt

Esther de jong is a muse for the fake clothing line created by conceptual artist Erik Brunetti that pranked SCROTM recently according to  Adam Liktits of the Times. Somehow here in plastic alto I’m reminded of a fellow traveler and … Continue reading

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Merge at 30

Merge at 30 is a party for the record label located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina or Carrboro, July 24-27, 2019. That implies the label was founded in 1989. I first heard about Merge or attended a Superchunk event at … Continue reading

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To penalize my former Terman of Palo Alto, Calif. junior high flag football teammate Bill McGlashan for his alleged wrongdoing, I’m going to Photoshop onto his body, the bald and oversized head of Garo Yepremian, while I paste my 1976 face onto the body of Mac Davis in ‘North Dallas Forty’

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