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From ‘My Vag’ to ‘Trump’s bathroom…’ in only six years

Terry, TMW, is home early from work and watching “Crazy Rich Asians”. She said she wanto so come along to my Michael Krasny literature omnibus at Stanford tonite, which is “A Streetcar Named Desire” and Faulkner “Barn Burning”. I had … Continue reading

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Four photos of Kirsten Gillibrand from her CNN town hall

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14 piano players with whom I’vry worked

  Taylor been paid since his days of underoos — which is actually a Biggie Smalls line; which I copped from Spider-Man Spider Verse; and sample Herb Alpert. andand: I just got off the phone, eight minutes, with the advertising … Continue reading

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8 Ella songs, and their respective composers

“All Too Soon”, Duke Ellington & Carl Sigman ”Somebody Loves Me”, written by George Gershwin, and lyrics by Ballard MacDonald and Buddy DeSylva. ”Chelsea Mood” ”Something’s Gotta Give”, Johnny Mercer ”I Was Doing All Right”, George Gershwin ”Ev’ry Time We … Continue reading

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Tina In It To Win It

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Holy Ollie-Sacks!!

While reading, albeit too close to two tables at Oren’s Hummus, the new The New Yorker (Trump holding a banner during a flood), I momentarily — measured 15/16s of four beef kebab-balls and 976/1,000th of a bowl of turmeric rice … Continue reading

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Clarence Thomas’ reckless disregard for intelligence

Thanks to the Sullivan decision, it is indeed hard for public figures to win libel suits. They have to prove that something false was said about them, that it harmed their reputation and that the writer acted with “actual malice.” … Continue reading

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