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gender, has to do with females of the species, generally but not pruriently except in rare cases; feminism sometimes.

Owing to my work on my Allison Miller show, I don’t have time to post to compare Jocelyn Lee photos in New Yorker of robust women and Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, thrice-removed Palo Altan conceptual artist at Marist

And gratuitous mention of 9 minute rap with Elizabeth Wong of 429 University who I might stump for next Monday at Council to ask if she is being treated fairly, certainly not as fair as the white ladies in Jocelyn … Continue reading

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A McLuhanist swipe at or insertion chip first into or at Jenny Dearborn’s op ed in PAW

Edit to ad: I came to this in reaction to Carla Befera excellent op ed re Casti man spreading crisis. If you literally have nothing to do for 45 minutes(and I can suggest 1,900 better uses) here is Dearborn A … Continue reading

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Beth Lisick event blows onto Art Center Porch: reprises stunning performance at The Cub, in 1998

Beth Lisick Of Saratoga and San Francisco opened for Ozomatli featuring rapper Chali 2na in Earthwise Productions at Cubberely in 1998 like this: And I just got word, by an email blast from City Of Palo Alto that in conjunction … Continue reading

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Sacred Heart USC journalist advocates for ‘real’ body focus

Her name is Victoria Garrick, likes volleyball and TedX and is fourth in pac 12 at 4.65 digs, dig? It was in the daily news by Vytis Musika It was in the daily news by Vytis Musika Vytas mazeika

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3 Teens Kill 4 No Motive

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Whizzer White admits he was also ‘Boofer’; Says Kavanaugh getting ‘Virtual Melvin’; Ubangis want equal time

Truth is stranger than fiction, peeps. and 1: the Melvins (note: I have no idea if the Melvins’ “Honey bucket” has explicity lyrics. I just knoe the Melvins are cool. Where I came from, a “melvin” was a result of … Continue reading

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Radio Gaga w Hoodio Gaga

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