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has a ball or stick and is not murder or war; their were or are bubblegum cards or tobacco cards to exploit it; was cool when i was young but is now increasingly sadly undermined by greed;

Kudos to KeeSean Johnson the former Paly star and Tinsley VTP student for being drafted by the NFL Cardinals

KeeSean Johnson starred for Palo Alto High, Fresno State and is now drafted by the NFL (Arizona Cardinals) as a wide receiver and is from East Palo Alto. A few years prior, Davante Adams starred for Palo Alto High, Fresno … Continue reading

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Not so much wah-hoo-wah for Ben Lovejoy in his 14 minutes TOI last night

I’m following the NHL playoffs, for the first time since the Bruins were great back in the 1980s and I lived in New Hamshire. Pete Peters was their goalie, I think. I’m following the Dallas North Stars, against the St. … Continue reading

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Boykin, Booma both Barrett bearers

Dartmouth thing. This is Keith and his nephew I wonder who is faster I presume the next generation yet Keith as some of his Twitter friends noted looks pretty fit The boykinism  is named Brandon Adams and competes for University … Continue reading

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Khrys Davis beastmode VS Hideo Matsui 500th homer in July, 2011

Something about an artwork that the A’s circulated of their star slugger in announcing he had been extended reminded me of the time eight years ago that Rob Syrett and I were scheming to create a chimera  of Hideo Matsui … Continue reading

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Orozco of the Mets 1983 by Iacono VS Orozco at Dartmouth and ‘Happy’ video spoof

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Run to daylight

The year that tiny Sacred Heart Prep of Atherton, California won the Central Coast Section football championship, I had three friends with boys on the Gunn of Palo Alto team, my alma mater. I attended every game, even on Yom … Continue reading

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To penalize my former Terman of Palo Alto, Calif. junior high flag football teammate Bill McGlashan for his alleged wrongdoing, I’m going to Photoshop onto his body, the bald and oversized head of Garo Yepremian, while I paste my 1976 face onto the body of Mac Davis in ‘North Dallas Forty’

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