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has a ball or stick and is not murder or war; their were or are bubblegum cards or tobacco cards to exploit it; was cool when i was young but is now increasingly sadly undermined by greed;

Hi, Jamie

b/w Jack Kerouac Lowell High Football #35 2013 bobble-head doll spotted above the bar at Old Pro sports bar in Palo Alto, the home town of Beat poet Lew Welch edit to add: Jamie Stewart as a duo called Xiu … Continue reading

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Dan Mountain, Dan the Mountain, Dan the Mountain Man, Dan Deacon and Dan Auerbach

Dan Mountain is an advertising writer who won the Howard Gossage Award the year I wanted to be a copywriter; I met him 30 years later and we watched Clay Kershaw pitch; Dan is also a mountain, somewhere pictuaresque. Seeking … Continue reading

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Crypto / Egypto

Am I the only person on the () who thinks like this? B/w (more people likely noted this:

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Seventy years of behind-the-back

  It says here, sports illustrated January 1956 that Bob Cousy invented the behind the back dribble in a particular game in 1949 so we’re celebrating 70 years of behind the back. If you were accused let me draw you … Continue reading

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Oakland Raiders: the good guys

I saw something in the paper about a new documentary about the former Raiders receiver Warren Wells, a hardluck case.  I never saw him play but I saw Fred Biletnikoff and cliff branch catching balls thrown by Ken Stabler. Here … Continue reading

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Fantasy football

My fantasy football team this year was renamed The Duffy Daughertys after the former Michigan State coach, although I pronounced it with the word “dog” and abbreviated for clarity to The DuffyDogs. The real Duffy won two national championships in … Continue reading

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Female athletes posed, 1948 and 2018

The first image is from an AP Wire Photo of Oakland High School athlete Zoe Ann Olsen, who won the AAU Diving Championships and went on to medal twice for the U.S. in Olympic competition. The photo is from Wikipedia … Continue reading

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