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has a ball or stick and is not murder or war; their were or are bubblegum cards or tobacco cards to exploit it; was cool when i was young but is now increasingly sadly undermined by greed;

Blue Mustang by Luis Jimenez shot by Denver airport by Broncos line coach and Palo Altan Chris Strausser w. Confederate monument in Mississippi captured from American Public Media ‘In The Dark’ podcast as reported in Times By Leonhardt


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Mo Salah Liverpool fan chant song based on Manchester band pop UK hit ‘Sit Down’ by James

  Sit down was a big song in the UK in the 90s by a band called James. James had a song that was popular here called laid LA ID. Mohammed Salah also known as Mo Salah who has 43 … Continue reading

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Gunn angle on two local sports milestones

The long and the short of it is that the Weekly had two sports stories yesterday in which I felt the Gunn context had been unjustly omitted and here in Plastic Alto, I seek the cure. First came news that … Continue reading

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Wah-hoo-wah w. Oo-f-rah

edit to add, a couple days later: I’ve read the first two stories of Phil Klay and was slightly put off to learn that he was a public affairs officer and not a grunt in the war (well, he is … Continue reading

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Why don’t we do it on the road?

And if you have 5 minutes to spare here, in 1985 April back at Philly Spectrum (a basketbal and hockey gym, for awhile) is Grateful Dead doing as first song of 2 hour show, “Why Don’t We Do It in … Continue reading

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Gunn-Paly shootout set for Feb. 7 at The Titensity Taj Maha, or The Paly Pit rather

John Reid, who Hans outs as a former Awalt coach, lauds Kevin Mullin of the Vikes. Should be an interesting match up Feb. 7 Saturday at Gunn’s new gym (new to me). That’s in three weeks.check that, the game is … Continue reading

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Jason Garrett high road

When Jason Garrett head coach of the Dallas Cowboys football team, was interviewed post-game about the loss to the Packers he said something like “we had our opportunities to prevail but did not, and the officiating was not the reason … Continue reading

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