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I’ve got your 3


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‘Red Poet’ doc about SF’s Jack Hirschman, who briefly taught at Dartmouth in 1961-1962

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Jeff Tesreau w. Jack Chesbro

Henry Schulman in the Chronicle, apropos of the Chris Heston gem, mis-identified the previous Giants rookie to toss a no-no; he called Jeff Tesreau “Jack Tesreau.” I texted him on that, or I tried, at least to send something from … Continue reading

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Journalist John Burks, on his former bandmate, Alden Van Buskirk, jazz pianist (and Monk)

(Alden Van Buskirk) –Van — was hands-down the best jazz pianist I ever played with, always exciting, always unpredictable– I never was sure he was going, though once we got ‘there’ it was invariably right. Not unlike Monk, of whom … Continue reading

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Four non posts

1. something about Paly basketball, and Mu v. Mo* 2. something about “State of the City Palo Alto” and Mountain View Voice news reporting the hard to measure role of the builders and realtors role in that election; how is … Continue reading

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Jack Del Rio and Lisa M. Snyder

Vic Tafur page 1 the Chron has a puff piece on former Hayward High great Jack Del Rio, 51, the new Raiders head coach. I distinctly recall asking my former The Dartmouth colleague Lisa M. Sndyer, a Hayward ’83 about … Continue reading

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Pharoah Sanders, Don Cherry….and Dartmouth?

and prologue talk about karma I did reach Chris Cortez just now or an hour after posting the first draft of this in the booth of KCSM and he agreed that my Pharaoh take is pretty esoteric and funky like … Continue reading

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