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Jazz beats on KCSM

https://www.amazon.com/Jazz-Canto-Various-Artists/dp/B001PMRKDW Just now jazz in this afternoon the dj back-announced two tracks I half-heard that she said have a loose Beat theme. One was Roy Glenn reading from a Philip Whalen poem, from an album, I soon suss, called “Jazz … Continue reading

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Aquinas Church on Waverley, in movies and in Weiss campaign

One of my happier mornings campaigning for Palo Alto City Council, or half hours even, was standing outside of Terry’s congregation on Waverley greeting people as they made their was to an early Sunday Mass. I was holding a sign, … Continue reading

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Weiss platform in 54 words by Terry and Mark

one person one vote not one dollar one vote enforce comp plan don’t gut it will rent control save even one family already here interrobang Continue reading

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I am running, if you define running as walking around, shooting photos and then writing about that or those

Within an hour of visiting Donna Grider, the Palo Alto City Clerk, to “pull papers”, two reporters called to confirm if I was indeed running. I called back Breena Kerr of the Post and asked if I could add another … Continue reading

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The Great Democracy Tap-out (of Palo Alto)

moloch! and the sci-fi of wi-fi Continue reading

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