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For attention Laura balance shout out super chunk basis mainly because because and we ate at Saint Michael’s Alley last night where a friend of hers once shift ‘For Tension’ Laura Ballance shout out Super chunk bassist mainly because ‘because’ and we ate at St. Michael‘s Alley last night where a friend of hers once chef’d

I have to admit that in Detroit has a skyline to I may be confusing it with another song without couplet is actually the weather is good here too – why am I telling you Advertisements

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Hey, San Francisco dick building, Detroit has a skyline too!!

bluf: all things are connected, salesforce tower and proposed -and-passed New Guild Theatre in Menlo Park. Thosed who don’t know what’s passed are condemned to read staff report, so to speak. I’m not the only one. It looks tiny from … Continue reading

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I lost or traded in or sold the car with the combination Superchunk David Gilhooly mash up bumper sticker but now have a magic silver box thru which I pretend I can see and hear Superchunk more recently than Bottom of Hill with baby in arms

new video by one of my favorite bands, called Chuck then Chunk then Superchunk edit to add: 1. It was  post called “Das Sticker” from February, 2011 that is to say seven years ago: David Gilhooly Smith-Andersen bumper sticker circa 1985 … Continue reading

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Foolish Wallace

perhaps it was reading Huck Finn that sent me spelunking as in Hannibal MO into the Earthwise storage catacombs unearthing a press clipping IRA call from years ago about one of my favorite bands to it and it’s actually a … Continue reading

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Ann Packer and Superchunk: precision author

I ran into Nancy Packer the other day; she was taking out the trash and I was leaving my parents’ building via the back door. I always get a little kick talking to this very wise women. She is the … Continue reading

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Detroit has a skyline too: my photos of or with 3 local developers

It was no architect designed this view He could not have known about you Mousy homes, catacombs Detroit has a skyline too Detroit has a skyline too Doesn’t really fit here, but this is a music blog first and foremost. … Continue reading

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Schapling and Wurster stole their act from me

A whiles ago I sent a fake fan letter to Superchunk: Dear Mac- Enclosed is my toe nail. Can you use it as a guitar pick on “Hyper Enough? Thanks. Your biggest fan. Elton X. Schmerk Fairloaf, California I wrote … Continue reading

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